water glasses

by ruby sawyer

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released March 18, 2017

for your support, advice, consultation and love, thank you joe, claire, pat, erik, sal, sean, jamie, joel, and others. you know who you are.



all rights reserved
Track Name: icarus on how to run
i know that i am now. when will the others come? i fell like granite onto wooden floors. like me, like math, out the flooded doors.
Track Name: lost in a bad cathedral
where are you? i can see the light!
Track Name: mullop leaves this place (elaeagnus umbellata burning cleanly)
what do you want from me? the autumn olive shrubs and leaves creep around and suffocate those trees. i am not made of wood and you a puppeteer. i burn all your woolly scripts and phrases made up. make me repeat myself over and over and over, so i will ask this one more time. what did you want from me? i thought i said i wouldn't. i thought i said i wouldn't. spit it out that sounds like fetching and a hard reach for a hard thought notion. olive branches whipping caught the wind, control the light and the water's sound. an endless snake you pull backward from my mouth, the scales catching and resetting. a misjudged theocrat bound my ankles in their burning twine. a dyed-haired pixie resting in my place. tell me more about the milk in spain and what moths land on your furless breast. it takes a patient thief full of loose thread to work this way. you charmer. you marble of no mercy. i thought i said i wouldn't. i thought i said i
Track Name: birds boiled
so sings the swallow when a wren
Track Name: a twelve month gas leak and a loom
salt from a mine named saint formed in cuts on my back. shuffled into a pot of boiling mead. the sun couldn't soon enough. wildflowers. there was something beneath the gravel. that rabbit eating clover. we were so close to the willow i could almost hear it rustle against your skin the air got warmer away from that body of water and those little fire staters.

this ticketful waxer waned, no, pained with starry stirrups. the lune aloft dreamily. i glowed and flew. i was a king on the throne, a tidal wave. aboard the equator i faced south listening to the waves in front of me and behind me. it is still, placid where i am, breeze making no wake of friction. i am neutral, i am at rest. the sun began to set. the sun to my right began to set, not over any land. it came in so quietly. i held delicate mauve and violet, pushed it up and over me. the electric orange following the sun diffused itself without steam. the blue marble floor i was sitting on now glow with darkness, absorbing it from the sky. the meeting of the horizon quickly disappeared into a film. beneath me whales pushed around in a drowse. they would call to each other. i could see every star ever created, moving lazily above me, sitting peacefully on a stagnant sea, well aware of the inaudible hum.
i am stone. i am a heathen.